For Alumni

Remember your first connection with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at NC State? How you felt accepted and were encouraged to take your Christian walk seriously? How you learned to study the Bible carefully and love God deeply? We pray those experiences influence your whole life!

This page is to help you remain connected to what God is doing at NC State!

How to Stay Connected

There’s still a need for you to remain connected to the chapter here in Raleigh! Would you consider some of the following ways you can continue your involvement with InterVarsity at NCSU?


You know what it’s like to be a follower of Jesus on campus. You’ve been in the midst of the spiritual battle going on here! In many ways you are the best person to be praying for NCSU to hear the gospel. To help you pray, we send out periodic prayer letters that give updates and help you remain connected. Let a staff member know if you would like to sign up these letters.


InterVarsity staff are responsible for raising 100% of their own financial support. Please consider a financial commitment such as $25 or $50 per month that will help keep InterVarsity on these campuses. This can be a chance for you to give back to an organization God used in your life while in college. Find out more about making an online donation.


Consider volunteering with InterVarsity. Volunteers can serve as conference small group leaders, disciple students, or even help cook hot dogs at a campus outreach event.